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Entry for March 5, 2008

Awright, been in Florida now for 3 full days.  It took me almost the entire weekend to drive from Texas to Orlando.  We had a very tearful and emotional farewell about noon on Saturday.  It's going to be hard on everyone the next few months until we can all be back together again.  This of course, is contingent on the house selling, finding a place out here for everyone to live until we can locate then buy a new house, get our stuff out of storage and shipped out here, get moved in and finally start thinking about settling down.  That, unfortunately, seems miles away at this point.  But, everyone is strong and I know we can do it.  The kids have school to keep them occupied, Steph has the kids to keep her occupied and I have a new job to keep me busy.  Well, that and worrying about just everything else... I am starting to settle into a whole new lifestyle.  I guess that is what career changes do to you.  I still fix things, but I am now just using different tools to do so.  Instead of a multimeter, a screwdriver and the sweat of my brow, I am now using a cubicle, a computer, e-mail and spreadsheets.  Instead of jeans, steel-toed boots and a t-shirt,  I am now in slacks, a polo or button-down, a pen in my pocket and badges galore hanging around my neck.  I actually think I am going into withdrawal.  It has been 5 full days since I have picked up a tool to repair or tweak something. 

Still nothing back on the appraisal on the house.  Steph is finishing last minute little things prior to listing the house.  Stuff I just did not have time for.  I am currently staying in a little extended stay hotel in East Orlando.  The rates are too high, the room too small, and amenities are unheard of.  Hopefully, by the end of the week I will have a roommate that I can move in with.  Expensive yet, but about 1/4 the price of staying here.  Steph packed me a bunch of quick things to eat for meals.  And the little kitchenette here is sufficient for that.  Everyone here has been wonderful, supportive and helpful.  It has been a good transition up to this point.  I just need to maintain the momentum, stay the course and keep the goals in the forefront of my mind. 

2008-03-06 05:03:00 GMT
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