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"Failure is never quite so frightening as regret." -Cliff Buxton
2nd Entry for March 22, 2008

Just got back from Cocoa Beach.  It's only about a 35 minute drive.  Would have been better if it wasn't overcast and raining.  Even so, there was still quite a lot of traffic and more than a few people on the beach and out in the surf.  Took a lot longer to get back that it took to get out there.  One little wrong turn, a moments inattention, and then I found myself trapped on a toll road.... Make that three toll roads...    Cost nothing to get there, but cost almost $6.00 and about 7 different toll booths to stop at on the way back.  Lessons learned.  Didn't take many pictures on account of how miserable it was, but the link to the slideshow is below.

2008-03-22 23:39:01 GMT
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