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Sunday, March 9, 2008
Okay,  I am currently checked out of the hotel (what hotel?) and have successfully transfered all my shit to Tom's house.  Tom is the team lead there at work, and has graciously allowed me to stay with him while I am looking for another place to stay.  Saturday I came over and helped him to install a fence in the front yard.  Was really cool and windy out there.  I came over today after checking out of Crossland "ECONOMY" Suites and got almost everything set up.  I started laundry while setting the room up and about halfway through I went out to the shed to get some screws for the computer desk.  On the way back to the house, I heard water running...  I looked under the house and noticed the main sewer line that runs the length of the house was seperated at a joint, and all the water from the washer draining was running onto the ground under the trailer!  Apparently, when it was installed it wasn't glued.  Anyway, I went to the Tractor Supply, bought a small can of PVC cement and crawled under the house and got that fixed.  Then continued setting up the room.  About an hour later, Tom called me out and he had made dinner.  Chicken, salad, broccoli and baked potato.  Was the best meal I had had in a week since leaving home.  I am still doing laundry, writing this post and I need to start thinking about heading to work again tomorrow.  Gonna be interesting since the entire team is travelling tomorrow.  Joe M. is going to Ft. Benning, Tom and Joe C. are heading to Knox, Dave M. is heading to Carson, and the new girl will be starting tomorrow.  So, it will be just me and her in the office and it will be that way for the whole week.  Lots happening around work though;  The start of the new contract come May 1 is keeping everyone busy.  I should have pictures up of my new place come tomorrow evening.
2008-03-10 00:42:49 GMT
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