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"Failure is never quite so frightening as regret." -Cliff Buxton
Entry for February 27, 2008
Two  days to go before I leave for Florida.  Starting a new job on Monday the 3rd.  Still way too much to do.  Spent the day today laying 3 palettes of sod in the front yard with lots of help from Steph and the kids.  Steph is sick, and she still was out there busting her ass.  Also, escorted a VA appraiser around the house, and accomplished various other (read MANY) last minute things that need to be done to the house prior to leaving.  I haven't even started thinking about packing yet.  Steph is anxious, nervous and scared about my being gone.  Quite understandable since I feel the same way.  Hard to believe that only two weeks ago, I had my last day at Pulau.  Next stop, Orlando.
2008-02-28 05:42:26 GMT
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